... and your well-being takes on its full meaning.

The Alambique Cistus is a unique concept,
bringing together, culture, manufacturing, therapy and training,
around aromatic and medicinal plants.

Le Ciste Alambiqué offers:

It can help with

We make our essential oils and hydrosols in the traditional way, in copper stills.

A gentle therapy to harmonize your emotions, live better on a daily basis and face the vagaries of life.

Led by two enthusiasts, Le Ciste Alambiqué brings together Quality and Ethics at the service of its customers.

With essential oils, personalized aromatherapy is a natural therapy, adapted to each one according to his needs and his olfactory preferences, to bring well-being on a daily basis.


We produce our essential oils, in our distillery, from local wild plants or plants grown organically on our territory.

Our aromatic hydrosols and floral waters are pure and natural, from wild or organically grown plants and are made in our distillery.

Nos produits sont conditionnés sur place, dans notre laboratoire.

For fans and the curious, we are organizing workshops that will allow them to unlock the secrets of distillation ... and see real stills up close!

On the themes of Aromatherapy or Bach Flowers, Le Ciste Alambiqué offers numerous training courses intended for individuals, companies or associations. 

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La passion du Végétal

Des produits naturellement authentiques

Issus d'une cueillette respectueuse et d'un savoir-faire traditionnel, les produits Le Ciste Alambiqué vous procurent bien-être au naturel.


Sans additifs et sans conservateurs, nos produits vous offrent toute la quintessence et les bienfaits des plantes aromatiques et médicinales.

Tous les produits Le Ciste Alambiqué sont fabriqués exclusivement avec des plantes locales, dans notre distillerie et notre laboratoire à Castelnau d'Aude, entre Terres des Corbières et du Minervois.

"As long as Soul, Body and Spirit are in harmony, nothing can affect us."

- Dr Edward Bach (1886-1936) -

Parole de client 

« Quelle idée lumineuse a traversé une amie en m'offrant ce massage ! Personne très accueillante, dans l'écoute.»