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SAS Le Ciste Alambiqué - Etang de Bages

Who are we ?

"Le Ciste Alambiqué" is the dream come true
of a passionate couple.

Didier Belchi

Le Ciste Alambiqué Didier Belchi.jpg

Artisan Distiller

Didier is the picker and the artisan distiller

of Alambique Cistus.

Audois above all, Didier is attached to his terroir

and the rich plant heritage of the territory.

His different training in distillation and his experience

as an artisan distiller ...

Christelle is the therapist and trainer of Ciste Alambique. Enthused by her discovery of Bach Flowers in 2012, she understands that the

Her professional experience in the human resources sector makes her 

Christelle Darras Belchi

LeCisteAlambique - Christelle Darras Belchi.jpg

Consulting practitioner

in personalized aromatherapy

and Bach Flowers - Trainer

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